Rodrigo Soria, born 1985, studied Artistic Drawing, Illustration, Basic Drawing, Drawing Advertising and Graphic Design at Atelier Art Arroyo. Working as a Freelancer currently developing projects in computer graphics in general, with emphasis on the development of Artistic Drawings, Illustrations, 3D Modeling, Product Designer, Publishing, Video, Post - Production and Concept Art.

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Anatomy For Sculptors

The most amazing anatomy material for students, traditional artists, sculptors, digital artists and more.
I recommend reading this amazing work done by the folks at Anatomy For Sculptors
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sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Ghost Rider

Hi Guys !!!
Ghost Rider | Concept by Dave Rapoza
I started this work based on the concept of incredible artist Dave Rapoza.
I am of fan Dave and of his illustrations , with that I had to play a iniciative of their art in 3D.
It was cool to do this work and I hope you like my friends.

Best Resolution 

Based on the illustration of Dave Rapoza

Best Resolution

Concept Dave Rapoza

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Cartel Studios

2015 starts with great news. 

This signed my partnership with big studio Advertising and Entertainment Cartel Studios, International partnership which is based in Atlanta GA.
I would like to thank this great opportunity to my friends Daniel Prado and Mike Plymale the confidence in my work, we will reap many fruits of this union and formed team.
Cartel Studios is a full service studio directed visual industries, different advertising and entertainment.
Working with agencies, clients and independent producers around the world, offering a range of services and experience, from Drawn artwork Hand (Classic), Airbrush, 3D Modeling and Special Effects.
I thank you again for these two friends who believed in my work, I can not wait to work with you.
Check out our website

Thank Team !!!

The Gallery | In Depth 3D Artist 76

Tutorial | 3D Artist Magazine

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Pyramid Head

Inspired by the work of the amazing artist Viyaly Bulgarov, I'm very FAN, used to reference their work Rabagh to give a new style to Pyramid Head.

quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014

Game Of Thrones | White Walker

Work I have done for the Great Studio
Fan Art White Walker

Thanks my Friend Lorenzo Dixon!!!

Brazil Digital MAG

Yeahh !!! Many thanks once again to all 
Team Brazil Digital Mag for the opportunity to compose the Digital Magazine once again !!! Thanks to Monster Fellipe Beckman for once again making this possible. "Thanks Monster" 
Once again be part of the magazine was an honor to be among so many people Beast. Congratulations to all and Artists Involved. 

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Brazil Digital MAG

Wooww !!! Brazil Digital Mag 
I would like to thank the whole team for the invitation Brazil Digital Mag made ​​me to participate in the first edition of this Fantastica Magazine. Thanks to everyone involved for their support and opportunity Guys !!!! 

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Calendar 2014 CGArena

"We live in a beautiful world of computer graphics where every day many artworks are made but only some of them stand out to be the best. (CGArena)"
Thanks Team CGArena.

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